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Transform your ordinary world into an adventure – all it takes is a little imagination and the right guides!
As in life, you will have many guides.  Every class will be your own journey.  What you experience or take away will be unique to you.  No matter which class you come to, you will find a competent and experienced teacher.  All of our guides desire to teach in a way that will give you the results you are looking for.  We teach from the heart, giving you individual care and attention as we strive to offer you a safe and nurturing environment to experience your practice.  It is rewarding for us to see our students begin to live up to their potential. Every journey inward begins with a technique, but it can only progress if you allow yourself to move beyond the mechanics and into the movement.  Thru personal interaction, we will work with you on your technique with the intent of helping you understand who you are  as we  guide you toward your experience.
We are fortunate to have some amazing Yoga Educators here, and we all strive to continue to learn and grow as teachers as well as students.  We attend workshops and trainings together as well as meet often to share new bits of information we have come across.  It is not uncommon for you to find one or all of us in each others classes as we believe we all have something we can learn and teach each other. together we have  created a sense of community, as well as a safe and fun place for you to begin or continue your Yoga practice closer to home.   I am pleased to introduce to you our fabulous teachers.